• Unsere Dachentwässerungssysteme sind zu 100% frostsicher durch den eingebauten Heizring mit Funktionskontrolle.
  • Effektiver Brandschutz: Feuerwiderstandsklasse R90 - hier Dachwassereinlauf mit Brandschutz auf einem Warmdach.
  • Ebenfalls eine Erfindung aus unserem Hause: Die Kleintierschutzklappe verhindert das Eindringen kleiner Lebewesen in das Rohrnetz.
  • Überwachungsschutz von Dachflächen und Fassaden durch Drohnen-Einsätze.
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Economical and safe fire protection

Structural fire protection primarily refers to avoiding the transmission of fire and smoke. This is achieved through the compartmentalization principle. The Geberit RS90 Fire Protection Sleeves enables fire protection with fire resistance class R90 both on and in walls. This product range is designed to minimize the effort required for planning and assembly, and thus also the associated costs.

Protection for small animals

We even developed a special trick in-house: protection for small animals like frogs, birds, hedgehogs or rodents.

100 % frost protection through function checking

No regulations or guidelines generally exist for installing heating elements in roof inlets. With cold roofs, and especially with protruding canopies , however, the installation of heating is recommended, as the roof drainage inlets could freeze. To end this, the roof drainage inlets are equipped with a heating ring. We even developed a special trick in-house: function checking of the roof drainage inlets. A control unit with a function-checking diode is mounted just below the roof and checks whether the roof inlet’s power supply is correct.


Overall project management, quality assurance and supervision of construction and function with the application of modern drones.