• Inconspicuous, but highly efficient: the roof outlets of the roof drainage system.
  • The drainage inlets ensure a regulated drainage of the water masses even in heavy rain.
  • Thanks to the self-cleaning effect, our roof drainage system is almost maintenance-free.
  • Optimum utilisation of space: Significantly fewer drainage sections and only one downpipe.
  • Compared to conventional solutions, the negative pressure drainage removes significantly larger amounts of rainwater.
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The small pipe with a big effect

Low costs thanks to an effective system

This form of roof drainage takes advantage of the physical phenomenon that narrower tube cross-sections produce a negative pressure and thus deliver greater drainage performance. A specially designed roof inlet prevents air entering and ensures the optimum functioning of the system – so the rainwater is literally sucked from the roof.
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The innovative technology provides you with numerous advantages over conventional systems.

 Significantly fewer drainage sections and only one downpipe – optimum utilisation of space
 The horizontal installation of the collecting mains allows flows to be merged directly below the roof surface
 Almost maintenance-free thanks to self-cleaning effect
 Requires little underground pipework, reducing the underground engineering and assembly work, as well as the material required
Guaranteed compression strength in the case of backlog
 Installation in existing buildings without significant business interruptions