• Small cause, big effect: Damage to the roof can be costly.
  • Once the emergency has arisen, it is not uncommon for the fire brigade to intervene to limit the damage.
  • Our roof drainage system would have prevented such a fire service.
  • Once the helpers move with heavy equipment, this can quickly become costly.
  • Unsurpassed in function: the emergency overflow of our roof drainage system.
  • A real emergency preventer: the emergency overflow of our roof drainage system.
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Before it’s too late: Independent emergency drainage

Danger lies ahead for many roofs!

The increasing occurrerence of heavy precipitation means many flat roofs are unexpectedly becoming a ticking time bomb.
If even just a few points of the roof surface are not completely drained, there is a threat of static overloading of the entire roof.
The standards DIN 12056 and DIN 1986-100 therefore require the additional installation of an

emergency drainage system that is independent from the existing drainage.
We produce an expert calculation of the overflow cross sections and investigate the roof drainage in accordance with DIN EN 12056-3 and DIN 1986-100: 2008-05.
Benefit from our knowhow and decades of experience in draining large roof surfaces.